To be a world class and market-leading turnkey Engineering Company within the Oil & Gas and Heavy Construction Industries and delivering all projects within budget and schedule whilst meeting internationally acceptable quality & safety standards and to a broad spectrum of industrial clients worldwide.


PT. EJJV Engineering Indonesia as one of the leading service Oil & Gas Engineering Consultant & Contractor in Indonesia is committed, and has a strong commitment to implement the Quality Management System, Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health that aims board to give added value, and customer satisfaction as well as the relevant parties through operational excellence by upholding the principles of partnership, resourceful, and preserve environment, and committed to achieving a working condition free from workplace incidents and free from diseases caused by work, by implementing and fulfilling the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. In fulfilling this commitment the company attempts to implement programs that focus on:

  1. Improving the quality of engineering, procurement, construction, fabrication, installation, commissioning service, improving the quality of human resources in an environmentally sound, regardless of the quality of work, as well as an awareness of health and safety, through increased competency of human resources sustainable.

  2. Prevention of workplace incidents, prevention of occupational disease and prevention of environmental pollution by identifying any hazards and conduct mitigation measures to minimize the risk of workplace incidents and environmental pollution, including saving energy and natural resources. Establish quality objectives, occupational health, safety, environment is reviewed periodically.

  3. The fulfillment of the requirements and other regulations related to the operation of engineering services, construction, environment, occupational health and safety.

  4. Perform continuous improvement of the quality system, environment, health and safety in every activity of the company.

  5. Ensure quality, health, safety and environment work policy statement already communicate and understandable to all employee, visitor, contractor/subcontractor and documented.

Company management coordinate all employee and relevant parties in order to achieve the objectives of this policy.



  • Meet customer satisfaction for all services conducted by company
  • Increasing the completion of engineering services works
  • Improving the competence of employees, particularly in relation to the quality and compliance regulations
  • Preventing environmental degradation and soil contamination due to spills of hazardous waste
  • Preventing accidents and occupational illness
  • Saving energy and natural resources consumption
  • Meet all regulatory and other relevant requirements relating to quality, environment and occupational health and safety